Yeast Overgrowth Defense | The Candida Solution

Recurrent vaginal yeast infections. Bladder infections. Sugar cravings. Fatigue.

Gas & bloating. Bad breath. All these and other symptoms could mean you have a

problem with yeast overgrowth. So many factors, including stress, exposure to toxic metals,

eating too many refined carbohydrates and sugars, and even taking certain medications—

especially antibiotics and oral contraceptives—can lead to an imbalance of yeast.*

The Candida Solution

Fight Candida Yeast Overgrowth

This advanced program combines anti-fungal herbs, fiber and probiotics to provide effective support for the elimination of yeast overgrowth.*
Cleanse and Detoxifiy Candida Yeast with Anti-Fungal Herbs | Absorbe and Sweep Out Toxins with Fiber | Support Healthy Gut Bacteria with Probiotics
Defend Yourself Against Candida Albicans - The Candida Solution is Your Power Over Yeast Fight Candida with The Candida Solution

Are you experiencing the following Candida symptoms?

Yeast Symptom PunchBad breath
Yeast Symptom PunchBlurred vision
Yeast Symptom PunchBrain fog
Yeast Symptom PunchDepression
Yeast Symptom PunchFatigue
Yeast Symptom PunchInsomnia
Yeast Symptom PunchSkin conditions
Yeast Symptom PunchSinus problems
Yeast Symptom PunchSugar cravings
Yeast Symptom PunchChemical sensitivity
Yeast Symptom PunchJoint and muscle pain
Yeast Symptom PunchGas and bloating
Yeast Symptom PunchFood sensitivities or allergies
Yeast Symptom PunchRecurrent bladder infections
Yeast Symptom PunchRecurrent vaginal yeast infections

Get Ready to Fight Back!

Candida Connection | The Link Between Yeast Overgrowth Prevention and Optimal Health

In 1983 internist and allergy specialist Dr. C. Orian Truss compiled years of clinical research into what may be the most revealing analysis ever written about the health hazards of candida overgrowth. His book, The Missing Diagnosis, provides a detailed look at the connection between chronic candidiasis (the long-term proliferation in the body of the Candida albicans yeast) and countless physical and emotional symptoms, including fatigue, overweight, gas & bloating, brain fog, depression, irritability and more. Throughout the book Dr. Truss documents his clinical experience with the yeast organism, describing numerous cases wherein patients—the majority of them women—were diagnosed with everything from common allergies to psychiatric disorders simply because doctors were unable to pinpoint the origin of the problem. In each case, however, symptoms decreased and overall health improved when treatment focused on eradicating Candida albicans.

To help eliminate Candida albicans and reestablish a healthy microbial environment in the gut, look for an herbal internal Candida cleanse developed specifically to help rid the body of invading yeast organisms. Such a Candida detox formula should consist of herbs, amino acids and other beneficial natural ingredients working synergistically to assist the body with the cleansing of intestinal Candida yeast and promote a healthy balance of intestinal flora. A daily probiotic supplement will help restore and maintain a healthy balance of intestinal bacteria by crowding out harmful yeast organisms. Look for a high-Bifido, critical care formula with at least 50 billion active cultures per capsule and added Lactobacilli and Lactococcus cultures to support the health of the small intestine. Finally, a daily natural fiber supplement that includes the prebiotic fructooligosaccharide (FOS) will help nourish healthy gut bacteria.

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CandiGONE™ is a powerful 2-part microbial cleansing program that combines a broad spectrum of 16 synergistic herbs and other natural ingredients to help your body manage a healthy balance of yeast in the digestive tract to put you back in control.*

FiberSMART™ is a high dietary fiber formula that supports the digestive tract and overall bowel health.* The soothing, nourishing blend of organic flax fiber, probiotics, herbs & amino acids is formulated for sensitive colons.*

Ultimate Flora™ Critical Care 50 Billion is different from other probiotic supplements. Its high Bifido count is formulated for people with troublesome digestive tracts, and it is also designed to support a healthy probiotic balance in the small & large intestines.*

The Candida Detox Solution | Your Personal Defense Against Candida Albicans Overgrowth includes CandiGONE, FiberSMART, Ultimate Flora 50 Billion and a FREE Essential Cleansing for Perfect health Book by Brenda Watson.

BOOK BONUS: Essential Cleansing for Perfect Health by New York Times’ best-selling author Brenda Watson, CNC. Learn step-by-step how to cleanse and detoxify your body with a comprehensive program that helps your body fight microbial invaders like Candida albicans as it also helps you fight the everyday toxins we face in our increasingly toxic modern world. The book is yours FREE when you purchase the Candida Solution from ReNew Life Formulas.

Purchase individual products to help Candida albicans symptoms... ReNew Life Formulas Inc. | Our products are focused on 5 key digestive health categories: cleansing and detoxification, high fiber foods, Omega fish oils, probiotic supplements and digestive Enzymes.

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